Tuck lunch is organised and run by a sub-committee of the P&F. It is run on a volunteer basis and prices are kept low to ensure that while ensuring that all costs are covered, all students can participate. Tuck was established as a service to parents and the P & F are committed to ensuring that it can continue as such. Our parents love having one less day of the week to pack lunches!

Tuck lunch can be ordered every Monday, including the first Monday of each term, or on a Tuesday if the Monday is a public holiday. Lunch bags are sent home prior to the start of each term and extras can be requested or collected from the front office. Children should have an order bag clearly marked with their name and lunch order, their class, the cost of their lunch and amount of money enclosed. Order bags are collected in the classroom on Tuck morning and filled lunch orders are returned to the classrooms at the start of school lunch time.

The menu includes pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches, wraps and rolls, fruit salad, snack packs, home-made cupcakes, and a variety of cold milk and fruit drinks.

The P & F is always grateful to hear from any parent, grandparent or friend who can volunteer to help provide this service.  Your attendance is required for approximately 3 hours, during which you will be required to check orders, prepare and heat food, place orders into bags, count and bank the money, and tidy up the kitchen before leaving. There is a Convenor and a Worker – you work together and it is fun as well as providing a service. Please let us know if you can help out and keep Tuck running for our children.

Download the 2019 Tuck Price List

Download the Tuck Roster T3 2019