Communication & Absence


Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher. Teachers will usually be available for informal chats before and after school.  If you would like a formal discussion with your child’s teacher, please telephone or send a note in your child’s Diary or Communication Book to arrange a suitable meeting time.  Formal 3-Way-Conferences and Parent/Teacher Interviews are held at the end of Terms 1 and 3. 


School Newsletter

A link to the online School Newsletters is emailed to all parents every second Monday (or Tuesday if there is a public holiday). The Newsletter is a comprehensive publication with a letter from the Principal, details of upcoming events, rosters for tuck, Masses, catering, and other information.  It contains reminders and is essential reading.  


Operoo - Permission Slips and Special Notes

We use Operoo to send home notices, permission slips, camp/excursion information, reminders for meetings or invitations to attend the school for a particular event. 

Operoo is a digital platform which allows us to easily communicate with Parents through an online portal or App. No more paper forms in the bottom of backpacks, no more filling in the same information again and again and no more needing to remember to return permission slips. To find out more about how Operoo work click here.


Diaries / Communication Book

Student Diaries or Communication Books are used as a key form of communication between school and home, they provide a record of homework set and notes to and from the school.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to use these to communicate with each other. Parents are asked to initial daily messages and sign weekly.


Texting & Emailing

SMS messages and emails are also used as a means of communicating to parents for reminders and quick updates.


Children are expected to attend every school day unless other significant reasons exist to prevent this.  The staff exercise pastoral care of all students and being aware of reasons for absence is helpful.  The school is also legally required to record attendances, absences and reasons for absences.  

When children are absent from school, the school should be notified by 9.15am via phone call (08 8637 9100) or email Planned absences can be notified with a telephone call or a note in the student diary. This enables us to account for all students.

Extra-ordinary absences for family holidays, sporting or club commitments should be discussed with the Principal as early as possible.

In the event of absence other than illness (family holiday or other commitments) work will not be set by the class teacher. Students may keep a diary or journal, read some books or a novel of interest, practise some everyday Mathematics related to what they are doing.

Students arriving late to school or leaving the school grounds for any time during the school day are to be signed in or out, through the front office, by a parent or guardian.