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Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends

As soon as your child is enrolled you become part of the St James Parents and Friends! Our P & F is integral to the health of the school and allows our parents, grandparents and friends, to truly contribute to the school their children attend.

Parents and Friends meetings are held once a month, which works out to two meetings per term. Meetings alternate between a day time meeting and an evening meeting, with the intention of making it possible for parents to attend. The date, time and venue is always advertised well in advance in the Newsletter and all parents and friends of the school are welcome to attend.  Morning tea or supper is provided and pre-school children are welcome. Minutes of the meetings are published in the school Newsletter so that parents not able to attend meetings can still keep informed.

The P & F has an Executive Committee who work with the Principal and all other parents. The Committee members bring their much appreciated skills to the roles, it is a great way to meet and work with others, develop organisational skills and confidence and be involved in your child’s school. The AGM is held early in the school year and at the end of a 2-year term Executive positions are declared vacant.

P&F Committee Members


Narelle Richmond

Vice President

Bridget Lange


Kerry Sutter

Assistant Secretary

Colleen Broad


Rebecca Hale

School Board Rep

Belinda Heness

Tuck Committee

Bernadette McCarthy
Suanne Redden

Fundraising Committee

Ashley Bateman 

Colleen Broad

Jenni Lee Case

Hayley Couzner

Kerry Sutter

Bek Sweet

Billie Thomas

Uniform Committee

Sharon Moss
Melanie Hughes

P & F Sub-Committees

The P&F is active in running Tuck, our Uniform Shop, Fundraising (primarily Catering), social activities and assisting with school events. The support and participation of all families is essential for the success of all activities held throughout the year.