Beyond the Classroom

Camps & Excursion

Regular class excursions, sleepovers, camps, swimming and visiting performances to the school are part of the total learning program and all students are expected to participate. Usually one excursion or performance per class is planned per term.

Written information about excursions and camps is sent home, together with consent and medical forms, to be signed and returned to the school.  Written permission is required to participate in off-site excursions.  

Over the primary years students are exposed to an incremental variety of Excursion / Outdoor Education experiences:

  • Rec - Day excursion / tea at school
  • Yr 1/2 – Day excursion / Sleepover at school (Yr 2s onl)
  • Yr 3/4 - Overnight excursion to Adelaide
  • Yr 5/6 - 3 night camp – alternating Aquatics / Adventure
  • R-6 Swimming lessons – a block of one week either at the beginning or end of the school year

At the beginning of each year, as part of the Student Personal and Health Care Information form, parents are asked give permission for their child to participate in  excursions within the local area (no greater than a 5km radius of the school). Parents will be advised by letter or diary note of these excursions, but will not be required to sign a separate consent and medical form each time.


Students have the opportunity to participate in the following sport activities as a part of our curriculum:

  • Daily Fitness
  • Physical Education skill lessons – 2 hours a week
  • Sports Day (held in Term 1)
  • The SAPSASA Program (SA Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association runs throughout the year mainly for upper primary students; swimming and athletics are open to middle and upper primary students
  • The SACPSSA (SA Catholic Primary Schools Sports Association) runs throughout the year for swimming and athletics
  • Coaching clinics in a range of sports are made available at the school

Jamestown is known for community sport and our school supports students as they represent various teams in various sports. Students and families are connected through lawn bowls, swimming, football, netball, dance, basketball, tennis, table tennis and gymnastics and that is to name a few.  

For those students who are chosen for representative sport with either the community, SAPSASA or SACPSSA, we work with families to ensure students are supported as they participate.


Sports Day & Teams

St James holds a Sports Day in Term 1 on the Community School Oval.  Parents, Caregivers, family and friends are very welcome to attend.

Sports Day begins with a school Mass or Liturgy in the church. All are encouraged to come and share the blessing for this special day. The students and staff then walk over to the Community School oval and the activities begin. 

There are three sport teams named after our school patron saints:

  • St James (Red)
  • St Mary’s (Blue)
  • St Joseph’s (Gold)

As new students begin at St James School they are allocated to one of these houses. Siblings are kept in the same house. The students elect the sport team captains and vice captains. As well as being instrumental in helping with sports day the captains and vice captains organise other sporting activities throughout the year such as: PE Week and Splash Day.



The South Australian Catholic Primary School Sports Association offer a variety of sporting carnivals throughout the year. St James participates in both the Swimming and Athletics Carnival. All students from Years 4-6 are invited to trial for these events and if selected travel as a team to represent our school in Adelaide.


Sport is an integral part of St. James School. Students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to try out for the North Eastern District in a variety of SAPSASA (South Australian Primary School Amateur Sport Association) sports. Students in Year 4 and 5 are able to trial for some sports such as swimming and athletics.