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Graduating Class of 2019


As our school year draws to a close, we wish God’s blessings for the following students, families and staff:

Eadie, Anna and Andrew M

Isabelle, Alice, Renee F and Mitch F

Michael H

Tyson, Colin and Tina B

Mitch, Sam and Rory C

Alice, Sarah Agnew and Andrew A

Tahlia, Donna and Stacey B

Maggie, Sonia and Dom C

Amelie, Michelle and Darren F

Bridie, Nickie and Matt M

Chelsea, Annette and Bruce W

Sam, Jaime and Shaun C

Jack, Lisa and Mark O

Jaxon C

Ruby S

Tracey D


“Be strong and courageous,

do not be afraid or troubled.

The Lord your God is with you, wherever you go.”


I thank these families, students and staff for the many ways they have supported St James in their years here. We pray for them and wish them well in their new communities and hope that their memories and experiences of St James are happy and will stay with them.


Grandparents Morning Thank You


A big thank you to everyone who attended our Grandparents Mass and morning tea last Friday. It was such a lovely occasion, one of the highlights of our year.

Thank you to: Fr Brian for celebrating Mass, Jed Sutter, Mikala Gerloff and the R/1 class for preparations and hosting the Mass; to Jodie T, Narelle R, Bern M and Suanne R for helping with the morning tea as well as setting up and packing up.


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Remembrance Day 2019


This morning 11/11/19 we attended the Jamestown community Remembrance Day service. Thank you to our local RSL for holding the service. Thank you to Sam and Bridie who laid a wreath on behalf of our school.

Thank you to Mr Len Cooper who visited our school last Wednesday and spoke with all students in preparation for Remembrance Day.


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Father's Day Breakfast



Our Father’s Day breakfast and Liturgy is one of the most special celebrations of our year.

Thank you to:

* everyone able to attend for breakfast and our Liturgy

* Jodie, Bridget and Bill for cooking the breakfast

* Judy W for coordinating all of the replies and orders for the breakfast

* Jed, Darren and the 6/7 students for the Liturgy

* Everyone able to help with clean up and pack up


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St Mary MacKillop Award Winners


Congratulations to students who received St Mary MacKillop awards!

We celebrated a beautiful Mass last Friday for The Assumption of Mary. Thank you to Fr Brian, Jed, Mikala and the R/1 class who prepared and led the Mass for us all. We prayed that the example of Mary the mother of Jesus will be an example to all of us to be caring, kind and loving, as well as strong, courageous and faithful.

At the conclusion of Mass we presented our 2019 St Mary MacKillop awards.

Congratulations to the recipients:

Eliza, Jaxon, Jessica, Joseph, Gus, Ellie, Lottie and Bentley


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National Schools Tree Day


Recently the 4/5 class participated in planting trees in our community. We enjoy being a part of this community project every year. The 4/5 class have been learning in class about the legacy that we can leave for the future. Tree planting is a very real and important legacy to leave for own lifetime and for the future. Given that our term theme is about being at peace with creation, this was another reason that doing something for our environment is so fitting.

Thank you to Ellie S, Kerry S and the 4/5 students.

A big thank you to Mary D at Kelly Toyota for her organisation of the day. All we have to do is turn up and we are always well fed and have fun.



Grazing Table


Save the date—Saturday 24th August  from 8pm. Bring along something easy to add to the Grazing Table, bring your own drinks. Enjoy music by Jack Walton, chat and relax. All parents welcome!





Welcome back to students who were away at SAPSASA last week.

Football: Jack, Jaxon and Sam—Their team won 8 out of 10 games, finishing 2nd overall!

Netball: Div 4 Maggie—Her team won 5 games and lost 4.

Netball: Div 8 Bree, Abbie and Ruby—Their team won 4 games and lost 5.


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Thanks to Sam R, Austin, Darcy and Callan and parents Narelle, Nicole and Sam; the Squash Dogs we enjoyed last Thursday were truly Super and Amazing! Well done to the group on raising $315.65!


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Year 2/3 Robinson's Farm Visit


From the 2/3 class, what we learnt on our excursion:

I learnt what the inside of an army tank is like because then we could actually see what was inside one. – Ellie

My favourite part was when we looked at the paddocks. We saw tractors and Mr Robinson and Mr Robinson started an engine. There is a Jelbart tractor. I saw old perfume bottles. – Sienna

We looked at some wheat, barley and vetch. I learnt that the name of the steam train they have is a Marshall. – Maggie

The model C case IH was made in 1939. I learnt that the army
tank was made in the US, that it fitted 6 soldiers in there and
the tank fought in World War 2. – Cooper

The first John Deere was a Model D. The name of the army
tank was a General Grant. My favourite part was
meeting the dogs. – Charlotte

We saw Daniel on his air seeder. We found little seeds.
Next we went to the canola field there was canola,
wheat and vetch. – Eliza

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