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National Science Week Grant


Mrs Wardle and the Year 5/6 class are very pleased to share the news that we have been successful with our grant application for funding to assist with activities during National Science Week, between 13 - 21 August 2022. The Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) have awarded us $500 towards holding our very own 'Science Extravaganza' to celebrate all things science during this week. Please stay tuned for more details and information on this exciting event. 

Walk to School Safely —Thursday 19th May


 All students and parents are welcome to meet at Memorial Park, next to the War Memorial at 8:15am for Walk to School Safely Day. The walk to school takes about 15-20 minutes. Staff will supervise students walking to school. Parents are welcome join us too. There is no registration—just meet us at Memorial Park. St James is participating in this event one  day early due to the school closure day on the following day.



Year 3 and 5 students will take part in NAPLAN this week from Tuesday to Friday. NAPLAN provides parents with a snapshot report of how their child is performing compared to national standards. The results also assist our school to celebrate what students are doing well and to plan future lessons to improve student achievement. If any parents have queries about NAPLAN, please contact the Principal.

Wellbeing Newsletter Article


As part of our fortnightly newsletter, please keep an eye out for wellbeing tips from The Resilience Project or the eSafety commissioner. This week, we have included a snippet from the article ‘Why it’s good for children to be bored’. Click Here for the full article.

Making the most out of boredom

Giving children opportunities to see just how inventive they can be by allowing them to come up with their own boredom busters, can turn out to be quite magical. While parents and carers can help provide a framework for their imaginative play, kids should be empowered to drive the creativity. 

If you need it, check out the ideas below to help get them started:

· Encourage kids to explore the space they’re in. This could be your home, the backyard, the park – wherever you are. If they’re stuck on what to explore, try suggesting a hunting expedition. What objects can they find in that space? A feathery one, a green one, a fluffy one, an object that starts with “A” and so on.

· Give kids some masking tape and prompt them to create a race track or town roads on the floor. Add a few matchbox cars, blocks or Lego to the mix and this could provide hours of imaginative play.

· Pull out a couple of old cardboard boxes when boredom hits, along with drawing materials or decorations and let imaginations run wild — from creating a rocket, car, plane or just a colourful space to play in.

Help little kids, or simply encourage bigger kids, to set up a cubby. They could use big sheets and some chairs to play houses, neighbours, camping or whatever they can dream up.

As a follow on from the building a cubby suggestion, if you don’t follow Jimmy Rees on social media, try searching for his “The guy who decides school holidays” for a little parenting giggle.

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Building Project Commenced


There has been quite a bit of excitement around the school community as our building program has commenced. During late December the two portable classrooms were taken away and the veranda's were removed. We will have two new junior primary brick classrooms built, along with a breakout learning space, new toilets, pergolas and verandah’s to finish off the project. The start date has been delayed by 3-4 weeks. We should begin to see more action in late February or early March. Temporary site fencing has been installed by our building contractor SJM(based in Clare), to keep the staff and children safe through out the building project. Nearly all of the subcontractors are Mid North businesses and two Jamestown businesses will be involved in the construction works. The works are scheduled to finish in mid September. I will provide regular updates on the progress.

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