Catholic Education South Australia

Student Support

Student Support

An element of our mission is to enable every child to develop to their full potential, therefore we aim to make the curriculum accessible for all students. For a small school, we have a really strong student support network. Children with learning or wellbeing needs, either requiring extension, reinforcement, strategies or a different learning environment can be included in programmes.

The school staff work in partnership with your family and other health or development professionals to ensure that any support programs are tailored to your child’s needs. Parents are invited to discuss any questions or concerns with the class teacher.


Quicksmart is a supported Mathematics basic skills program to improve automaticity and accuracy. It is available for Year 5-7 students.

Rainbow Reading is a supported small group program available for Year 2-7 students which is run by an ESO.

Student Support is given to many students individually, or in small groups, that enables them to achieve their best in their learning.

Counselling, Psychology, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services are sourced on a needs basis as discussed and determined by parents and teaching staff.

Catholic Education Office Special Education and Behaviour Education Consultants offer support to all Catholic Schools. The consultants allocated to our school visit once a term or upon request. The consultants are always available by phone or email at other times to support students, teachers and parents.



The aim of our mentoring program is to develop a trusting relationship that is likely to support students in both the classroom and in the yard, especially when difficult situations arise. This program is a personalised, positive and encouraging approach. Through games, activities and conversation, the program supports students to debrief, reflect, develop skills and confidence to discover new ways to interact, learn and work independently and with others.


What's the Buzz?

This social skills enrichment program is written by Mark LeMessurier. The program is designed to explicitly teach children how to think and relate socially.

The aim is for children to have a 45 minute session per week, within a small group of 4-6 children. The program is delivered through direct teaching, role play, quizzes and fun in the context of an encouraging group. We aim to have a group of mixed social abilities to help role model positive strategies and behaviours.

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a program for children or young people who have experienced significant change or loss. Seasons for Growth is based on the belief that change, loss and grief are a normal and valuable part of life. It examines the impact of changes such as death, separation, divorce and natural disasters upon our lives, and explores how we can learn to live with and grow from these experiences. 
The core intentions of this program are the development of resilience and emotional literacy to promote social and emotional wellbeing. The program is educational in nature and does not provide therapy.
We use the imagery of the four seasons to illustrate that grief is cyclical, not a linear journey with a clear end. Participants share experiences, and support and learn from one another. Peer support is a key element of the program, and confidentiality is strongly emphasised. The program has three levels and can be repeated with each level offering different activities based at the child's development.