St James School students wear a uniform that is smart, affordable and comfortable. The uniform identifies children with our school and is to be worn with pride in their appearance and pride in our school.

Summer uniform is worn Term 1 and 4 and Winter uniform is worn Term 2 and 3. We have a two week transition time at the end and beginning of Term 1/2 and Term 3/4, to allow for variable weather. Students wear sport uniform two days a week, Wednesday and Friday.

School hats are compulsory Term 1 and 4 and for all outdoor sport lessons and excursions at all times. Students are strongly encouraged to wear their hat year round.

If your child is not able to wear the correct uniform on any given day, a note in the Diary or Communication Book is required.

All uniform purchases are to be ordered through the FlexiSchools app. More information about FlexiSchools can be found here. Uniform orders are sent home once a week on Wednesday.

All uniforms are available, you can buy:

  • girl’s summer dresses, winter skirts, skorts and pinafores,
  • sports uniforms (polo tops, shorts and track pants)
  • school jumpers, uni-sex blue shirts,
  • boy’s grey trousers and shorts
  • socks, school hats, scarves, beanies and bags


Second-hand Uniform

Second-hand Uniform

Second-hand uniforms including jumpers, winter pinafores, trousers, shorts, shirts and sports clothes are available for purchase.  For assistance contact the front office or a member of the Uniform Committee. Suggested prices are listed on the cupboard door.  Payment should be left with Judy at the front office in a sealed, clearly marked envelope with your name and details.