Our School

Our School

Your child will join a community at St James School that will give them the best introduction to their school life. They will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a loving, caring, family environment.

We believe that the wellbeing of each and every child underpins their readiness to learn and therefore work with families to give this priority. Wellbeing and Learning Programs help provide further support when needed, along with individual learning programs for students who have special needs or those who need extra support in learning areas. Class sizes are kept as small as possible, maximising individual attention and support to each student.  

Technology plays an important part in our everyday lives.  This is reflected in our school with the use of interactive whiteboards in each classroom, laptops, desktops and iPads throughout the school, both in the classrooms and in our computer suite. As digital technology will be a very important part of the lives of our students for many years to come, we integrate into everyday learning, across the curriculum, with many computer based tools being utilised to aid learning in a way students enjoy.

Staff are engaged in ongoing professional learning and development to keep up to date with contemporary methodology and curriculum in order to provide the best learning environment possible in our school. 

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A Brief History

Catholic Education began in Jamestown in 1880 when the Sisters of St. Joseph opened a school in the vestry room at the back of the old church, with an average attendance of between 50 and 60 children.

After five months the Sisters left the district and secular teachers took charge of the school.  The Sisters of St. Joseph, Sr. Colman and Sr. Gertrude Mary, returned in 1887.  They opened the school on the present site and lived in adjoining rooms.  The present main school building was opened in 1961.  It comprised of 3 classrooms and a library with an enclosed verandah and a new toilet block.  In 1968-9 a room was made available for another classroom in the supper room of St. James’ Hall.

In 1976 the school was renamed St. James, after the Parish Patron.  In 1977 a new brick room was built as well as a division in the Year 3 classroom for a library.  In 1984 a new portable room was added to the school buildings.  This was first a Library, then a Junior Primary classroom.

In 1996 there was a significant upgrade of school buildings.  Staffroom, Sickroom, School Offices and a new main entry were constructed at the front of the school.  A larger Library was added to the middle section.  Staff and student toilets were demolished and rebuilt at the eastern end of the building.

As part of the School Master Plan an additional upgrade project was completed in 2007.  This included the provision of dedicated computing, technology and art space for students, a work preparation and office space for teaching staff, as well as a Special Education and Interview Room.  In 2009 we received funding through the Federal Government BER grants and in 2010 built the Learning Centre: Library, office and work rooms, community Kitchen and Meeting Room. The Master Plan guides our efforts to ensure that our students are provided with the best educational opportunities possible.

St James is a Catholic systemic school.  The SA Commission for Catholic Schools is the central group, which determines policy and funding.  The Commission is made up of representatives of parents, school staff, principals and clergy.